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Friday, May 18, 2012

Jillian Micheals, you're such a bully!

Or is she?  As I sit here, eating a bag of totilla chips, I wonder, 'Why is my workout plan failing?' 

I started P90x with a group of my girlfriends approx 5 1/2 weeks ago.  We were all really pumped!  Really motivated!  Really ready to be fit!  Yeah!  Let's do this!  We committed to doing 6 days a week at 8:30am alternating who's house we'd be at, depending on what equipment we needed, driving btw Hollywood, Studio City and Los Feliz. 

Week 1, fabulous!  We all felt really excited and dedicated and motivated.  Week 2, our schedules started having to be shifted around a little, but we made it work with 'accountability' buddies so that if one person couldn't do am, maybe someone would be willing to do pm with them instead.  Awesome.

Week 3, thank goodness!  Last week with this routine, then we switch it up and start doing different exercises.  Week 4, we discussed and decided that following the 'Classic' schedule wasn't working for us.  Hmm..let's not lose hope, let's try out the 'Lean' version.  Cool.  Here we are at the end of week 5, starting week 6 and to be honest, we're all extremely, well, FREAKING FRUSTRATED!

We've been so hardcore about this, so dedicated, we've been doing our very best to eat healthy, low fat, low cal meals, high protein, blah blah blah blah.  Why the heck are we not more excited for beach season??

For me personally, my goal isn't to lose weight.  I just want to be in kick a** fighting shape so that when Quentin Tarantino calls me up to star in 'Kill Bill 3', I'll be able to present my amazingly toned body and proudly say, 'I totally fit into this movie'.'d think that after 5 weeks of 1hr workouts for 6days straight, you'd look like a Greek god. 

Um...not the case.  Alright, I admit my eating habits could be better (i just put the tortilla bag away), but really, there's not too much I could adjust.  I do recall a year ago, I gave up alcohol for an entire 30 days.  Doesn't seem like it would be such a hard thing for someone to do, but when you're social life consists of bars and parties, it's a bit of a challenge.  Anyway, I did it! Successfully!  I didn't have beer, wine or cocktails for 30 days and I remember feeling great!  I shed some pounds, while I was toning up and felt unstoppable. 

Maybe that's the key.  No alcohol for me.  I could probably do without.  But, I gotta admit, it's just a bunch easier to mingle with a ton of strangers when you have a quick sip of some Pinot Noir...

Now, I'm not planning on 'giving up' on this P90x thing, but I feel like the only way I'll see results is by adding to it.  Ugh.  After an hr long workout in the am it really isn't enticing to plan a second workout later that day.  But, for the good of my career and my mood, it may be the answer.

Have you had any success with P90x or Jillian Michaels?  I'd love to hear what/how you succeeded!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Find the Right Fit: Free Acting Class Review

So, I recently took the lunge and dove into a brand new acting class.  This makes it my fifth acting class (not counting UCB) since I've been out here in good old Los Angeles.  Now, I don't move around so much because I find my classes dull or boring or unhelpful.  Not the case.  I find that if I'm in a class for too long, I get comfortable.  And being a 'comfortable' actress means being a lazy actress and lazy actress' doesn't book jobs.

I need a challenge.  I need something that's really gonna motivate me to go out there and kick some a**.  I need to be inspired.  A little over a month ago I began my search.

I started with a well known and respected studio (i'll leave names out, if you really need to know because you're shopping around for a class, email me privately and i'll share with you).  I went to an orientation day.  'What is going on?' was my main thought throughout the process.  Everyone's different, so I'm not here to say, 'Do or Don't go to this studio'.  Each artist has their own creative style and process and there's no one right path, that's what makes us ARTISTS!  For me, this studio didn't fit quite right.  The teachers were do you say, a bit spazmatic?  However, I thought getting out of my 'comfort' zone might be a good thing and at the end of the orientation I put a hold on a spot in the next months class.  But even after I put down my card as a deposit, I knew it wasn't the place for me.  It seemed as if the woman in the office didn't give one hoot about you, just wanted your credit card asap, goodday.  And it just made my skin feel not so tingly with excitement.

And my search continued.  The following week, I headed to another studio which was listed on ActorGenie, (all you fellow actors out there, download this app if you have an iphone, it's pretty sweet!) I hadn't personally heard of this studio but it sounded like what I was searching for.  I took a chance, headed to audit and well...fell in love.

When I walked in the door the 'class producer' who's in charge of collecting money from the auditors and giving out all the info on the studio was the brightest, happiest, sweetest woman I'd ever met.  But genuinely so, not in a way that puts a bad taste in your mouth and furrow on your brow.  She was oh so helpful and patient with all of our questions and concerns, then led us into the studio where class was about to begin.

Here's one of my pet peeves.  Studios that don't let potential students audit an actual class!  How do we know what we're paying for unless we get to actually experience it?  I think it's somewhat shady (even though one of my fave teachers doesn't allow auditors and I don't regret signing up for class w/o a sneak peek, it was worth it), but for the most part, it just makes giving that studio money a harder decision, because you're thinking, 'Well, I liked the info in the orientation but how does it feel to be in that class for real?'

Anywho, I got to audit the actual class.  It was awesome.  From the moment class began I knew I had found my next "home".  The students were uber talented and nice (imagine that!).  The teacher was just calm and cool and told it like it was without making anyone cry or being too soft.  Then we took a 15min break halfway through class and he met with all us auditors that were there that day and focused one at a time on us and asked us our stories.  I loved that.  He cares.  He cares where we came from, why we're here and whether or not it'll be a good fit.  It was just what I needed.

As of tuesday, I had my first class!  It be honest, not as glorious as I'd hoped.  The class that I audited is an 'upper level' class so they start all their new students in the one below for a short time to make sure everyone's on the same page.  I don't think the class I'm in is bad by any means, I'm just not sure it's the challenge that I'm looking for.  I didn't feel the spark on tuesday that I had felt that time I audited.

But, that was just class number one.  I'm not dismayed yet.  Plus, I was just assigned my first scene and...(drumroll please) it's Kill Bill.  What?  My absolute dream role!  So, maybe once I get up there to work on a scene I'll feel a bit more challenged by the class.  I sure hope so! 

Do you have any absolutely amazing studios you'd like to share with me?   I'd love to hear some feedback!