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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gratitude 365

Gotta be thankful for even the smallest of victories:

1. Grateful that I had such a blast at my audition yesterday
2. Grateful that I had the courage to drop off my movies to a target CD
3. Grateful I have a car again
4. Grateful for my friend Jayme
5. Grateful for inspiring movies like 'Django'

'I'm so happy and grateful that I booked a supporting role in a SAG feature'

I'm doing a 42-day Book a Job Challenge and part of the process is keeping a gratitude journal daily.  I've done this challenge once before and my favorite part was starting each and every day with the things I'm grateful for.  It really makes you focus on what's important in life and makes you less worried about what you're doing wrong or could be doing better.  Keeps me present.

So, on to day 10 of the challenge!  My goal today is to work on a 'One Sheet'.  I'll share it here when I'm done!

What're you're goals for the next 42 days? Inspire me!

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