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Friday, February 28, 2014

A year ago today...

So much can change in a year.  It doesn't seem like a significant amount of time, but so much happens!  Then one has to wonder...well, if so much can happen, why hasn't my career happened?  Quandry of my life thus far.

But, I just stumbled back upon my blog after taking about a year off of writing anything.  It makes me sad that I've missed an entire year of using my written language, but maybe everything happens for a reason and I needed that year off.

I feel like an entirely different person then I was a year ago:

New apt
New haircut
New love
New job
New friends
New car
New Nephew
New body (au naturel of course)

The list goes on....

I know the last time I posted I had mentioned getting my one-sheet done. Well, not only did I work on my own one-sheet, but I started creating one-sheets for other actors.  And then more, and more and now, it's sort of a little side gig I do.  I've grown to really enjoy it!  I used to be on my highschool yearbook team (?) club (?) what do you call it?  Anyway, and I'd work on the layouts and I remember loving it.  I think if I were offered a job as a designer for legit magazine covers, I'd take it!  But in the meantime, I'll make these actor one-sheets:

Shameless self promotion:  If you're interested in getting a one-sheet done, please email me at and I'll fill you in on all my rates and how to proceed!  They really are a great marketing tool for actors who want to get their faces in front of agents, casting directors and managers!

Now a new goal for me is to keep up to date with this blog.  I'm going to do my best to write once a week, if not more!  I'm happy to be back!

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  1. do you happen to know the name of the photographers that took these head shots?